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Ocean Governance


Oceans and seas cover more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. They are important resources in sustaining human well-being. However, human activities are increasingly threatening the precious ecosystem by causing harmful effects on marine life, undermining coastal communities and negatively affecting human health.


Due to the transboundary nature of Oceans and Seas, related environmental issues are being dealt with on a multilateral basis. The ACP MEAs programme adopts a horizontal ocean governance approach for marine protection and sustainable management that involves elements of legal, institutional framework and mechanisms of implementation and the participation of governmental institutions, the private sector, NGOs, academics, scientists among others. This regional approach to ocean governance is the only effective method for sustainable management of the world’s marine environment and ensuring sustainability while reducing the financial burdens on member States.

The implementation of the programme's activities to achieve a sustainable Ocean and Seas governance in the ACP region are being undertaken by four region Sea conventions including Abidjan and Nairobi conventions in Africa, Cartagena convention in the Caribbean and Noumea convention in the Pacific.


Our Activities


We strengthen the regional Seas governing framework and mechanisms for the implementation of Ocean-related SDGs based on UNEP’s guidelines. Develop regional partnerships with regional fisheries bodies and other MEAs and strengthen local capacity in marine genetic resources conservation and environment impact assessments.

Marine Protected Areas

We support regional governments in establishing regionally representative networks of Marine Protected Areas with effective management systems and other area-based conservation measures. Strengthening the effective management of MPAs through capacity building, data collection and coordination with BIOPAMA and related partners.

Waste Management

We support ACP countries to develop appropriate programmes and measures that reduce the influx of waste entering the marine environment. Conduct waste generation baselines, mapping hot spots and establish guidelines to reduce generation.


Related SDGs

Clean water and sanitation

Responsible consumption and production

Climate action

Life below water


Partnerships for the goals