The Toolkit on Pro-Environmental Youth Engagement got officially launched in a hybrid event on Friday, October 21st, 2022 at the UN House in Brussels. The toolkit provides hands on guidance by youth for youth on how to take sustainable actions and contribute towards pro-environmental change on four different levels: an individual, local & national, international and (social-media) communication level. The toolkit was developed by young authors under the ACP MEAs 3 Youth Empowerment and Training Initiatives (YETI) in Europe coinciding with 2022 being declared as the Year of Youth in Europe. The event recording can be found here.

About the YETI Initiative

The overall objective of the ACP MEAs 3 Youth Engagement and Training Initiatives (YETI) in Europe was to empower a pool of 16 selected youth with sufficient expertise and skills to become influencers and youth leaders capable to train, support and empower other young people and provide inputs to global, national and local positions on pro-environmental behaviour, management and governance.

Throughout the initiative they all shared the same impression that many young people have the ambition to contribute to pro-environmental change but are often wondering “how?” given the complexity of the planetary crisis and the multiplicity of options. So they decided to translate all the expertise and insights gained throughout the YETI in a toolkitThe toolkit consists of four thematic focal areas including:

  1. Tips for behavioral changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle at home
  2. How to take sustainable actions in your community, school, university or country
  3. Engaging in pro-environmental change on an EU- and international level
  4. Leading pro-environmental change through effective (social media) communication

The Toolkit can also be downloaded here, and shared.

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